Save the date… A taste of NDEx v1.2!

Posted by Rudi Pillich

The NDEx Team is right on schedule for the release of NDEx v1.2 in Q2 2015 and has decided to make an NDEx v1.2 alpha version available for you to evaluate! Explore and start enjoying some of the great improvements you will see in the final NDEx v1.2.

Besides improved server stability, scalability and performance, we have implemented several changes to the web UI that will simplify the end user experience:

  • Multiple files upload: you can now select multiple files in the file upload dialog window of your operating system
  • Task window auto clean -up: tasks that are completed successfully will be automatically deleted from your task window; errors of links to download exported files will never be automatically deleted. We also added a DELETE ALL option that you can use to conveniently clear the task window.

ndex biological networks network biology

  • Bulk network deletion: in your My Account page, you can now select multiple networks and delete them all at once… more bulk actions will be available in the final release of NDEx v1.2.
  • Improved paging logic when running queries.
  • Experimental BioPAX support: you can import and export network files in BioPAX format (.owl)
  • New content: we have uploaded plenty of new content for you to browse, share and improve! The complete NCI Pathway Interaction Database, The Reactome Pathway Database and the Small and Large Corpus from the OpenBEL Consortium. All files are in Extended Binary SIF format and have been obtained through Pathway Commons. Additional interesting content will follow soon (CTD, Intact and more!!!)

The upgraded NDEx Public Server will be online starting from Friday March 6th, 2015… Save the date!!!